Technology & Critical Systems Facilities



Client Description

United Airlines Flight Training Center, Denver, CO


Renovation of office buildings Buildings A, B and C.

- Renovation of flight simulators Building D, E and F.

Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, NM


- ION Beam Laboratory

- B704 Office Building

-B962 Chiller Replacement

- CINT (Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies)

- JCEL (Joint Computational Electronics Lab)

- MESA Microelectronics FAB

- MESA Microelectronics LAB

- Annular Core Research Reactor Cooling Loop Mods


Geoeye Data Center, Thornton, CO 

- New data center.

Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO


- FA Chiller replacement.

QWEST Communications Denver Data Center, Denver, CO

- Zuni Central Plant

- Zuni EDP Building

- Zuni Radio and Equipment Building

- Denver Main

Los Alamos National Laboratories, NM

- Strategic Computing Center

- National Security Sciences Building

- Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies II

USDA Facility, New Orleans, LA

- Remodeled USDA Southern Regional Research Center


Avaya Communications, Thornton, CO

- Atlas Research & Development building

IBM, Boulder, CO

- Chiller Plant Expansion (mechanical & electrical Cx)

Double-Click.Com, Thornton, CO

- Office and data facility

Symbios Logic, Ft. Collins, CO

- Clean Room Renovation

Lockheed-Martin Waterton Plant, Jefferson County, CO

- Multi-Purpose Test Facility

- ADSIL Bldg

- Admin Bldg Central Plant


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